#23 Bath!

A Roman Bath in the City of Bath, England.

I’ve lived in the UK for over 30 years and never been to the city of Bath.

Well now I have and I think it’s great!  Decided to stay nearby overnight and head out early  – I’m told it gets very busy from all the tourists visiting.

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#10 Fisherman

A fisherman crosses a river on a bamboo raft in Guilin, China.

Sometimes I take photos without thinking about why – like a force of habit.  This happens to be one of those photos and I don’t recall exactly what I was doing at the time.

This being the case, I’ll keep this short and sweet:

This was taken in Guilin where a great many fishermen make a living from the River Li.  This guy wasn’t fishing though so I assume he was just transporting himself around on his bamboo raft – looks like it could take a few passengers too! Whatever his reason, it’s better than sitting in traffic or being stuck on an overcrowded bus or train.

The Li River crosses the city of
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#7 Junk at night

A woman travels from boat to boat selling goods in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Taking photos at night usually requires a tripod.  Taking photos at night of a moving boat from another moving boat is to be avoided at all costs.

Of course, I didn’t know that at the time I took this shot.  My tripod was out on the top deck of a junk boat and the other passengers were wondering if I had some special night vision camera or something.  Nope – I didn’t.  Just a tripod and no clue.

Helped by the wind, the waves were pushing the boats up and down.  I think I ended up just hand holding it because the tripod was basically useless without firm ground.

It’s not the sharpest shot in the world but I like it!  I hope you do too :)

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