#17 Trains, Automobiles but no Planes.

A poster informs travellers of flight cancellations from all UK airports, in West London, England.

It’s April 2010 and a volcano in Iceland is spewing ash and sulphur into the air causing the cancellation of all commercial flights in and out of the UK.  Tens of thousands of people stranded across Europe and the World as a result.  Sounds like something from a movie.

Anyway, it’s real and this poster made me look twice as I headed home one evening.  I’m not sure I’ll see the like ever again.

I’ve been reading stories about people being stopped and searched in London after taking a photo.  When I took this one I kept thinking that at some point someone would walk up to me and demand that I delete the photo I had just taken.  Nobody did – I just snapped the photo and carried on through the barriers and on my way home.  That’s the way it should be.

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#8 Sea of people

Commuters struggling to make their way to work in London, England.

This is Earls Court Station, in West London and is where a great many people congregate every morning in order to catch a train to work.

On this day, nobody was going anywhere.  I’ve never seen it this bad before or since.

I walked to the office from the station that day and luckily my office wasn’t too far.  For many others all they could do was stand around and wait.  And wait they did…

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