#9 Birthday Band

A band plays live for a birthday celebration in West London, England.

My friend is in a band – Chimovski – and asked if I’d like to shoot them.  Of course, I jumped at the chance since at the time I was practicing my lighting technique.  This was my first live shoot with speedlight flashes!

I used radio triggers to remotely set off the flashes – there are two at the front and one in my hand held up over the crowd. The one in my hand has a mild orange filter on it to give a separation between the crowd and the band.  I sensibly decided to wear my in-ear headphones as I made my way around the room.

It was loud, it was sweaty and I loved the results.

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#8 Sea of people

Commuters struggling to make their way to work in London, England.

This is Earls Court Station, in West London and is where a great many people congregate every morning in order to catch a train to work.

On this day, nobody was going anywhere.  I’ve never seen it this bad before or since.

I walked to the office from the station that day and luckily my office wasn’t too far.  For many others all they could do was stand around and wait.  And wait they did…

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