#16 Tree In Fog

A tree blocks the light from a street lamp on a foggy street in London, England.

During Winter the streets of London can get very cold at night.  So cold that they sometimes get covered in snow, ice and fog.

One night, I headed home after a long day and noticed that the fog made the street lamps look like UFOs hovering at evenly-spaced distances down the road. Sometimes the trees would block them and the light would shine eerily through the leaves.  I’m sure it wasn’t too fun to drive in but it was a great time for a walk!

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#5 It’s just you and me, baby

Two ducks sit on a half-frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Sometimes, you have to force yourself (and your gear) to endure harsh conditions to get a shot.

That’s what happened here.  It was cold, getting dark and the snow was heavy. Hardly a soul around.

I wrapped my camera in a plastic bag I swiped from the hotel room and ventured out.  After taking a few close up shots of the untouched snow and of the half-frozen lake I returned and unwrapped the camera to check out the results.

The results were worth it.

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