#25 Apple

An apple hanging from a tree in North London, England.

For the longest time I really didn’t like camera-phones.  The small sensor, the grainy results, the slow response times – sure you carry it everywhere but the image sucked and you would probably miss ‘the moment’.  Well, now I’ve changed my mind a little.  Just a little.

This shot was taken in my garden in North London with my new iPhone 4 (admittedly on a very nice summers day with lots of light).

I feel that there are areas where the mainstream camera manufacturers really do need to innovate – this iPhone has a beautiful screen (far better than any camera that I know of) GPS geo-tagging, a touchscreen display, Apps that can process the image (like the one above was edited with an app called Camera+, cost: about £1.00 !) and share it on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, FTP (or wherever else you might want – you get the idea).

Oh, did I mention it does 720p HD video recording, editing and upload as well?

And it’s just one device.  And it does it well – the user experience is unparalleled.

I digress – this isn’t an iPhone review.

I just wonder why my DSLRs (which cost thousands) or maybe high-end compacts can’t do even some of this? And not just as a bolt-on with no afterthought to the experience.

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#15 Canon Camera Mode Decal

A Macbook Air with Canon camera mode dial decal in London, England.

My favourite travel laptop is a Macbook Air – it’s slim, light and runs Lightroom & Photoshop for on-the-go edits.

It’s as much part of my photography gear as any of my lenses.

This being the case, I decided to customise it a little with a Canon Camera Mode Decal!

Yours for $15 from Etsy.

(…and yes that’s a Mac Classic on my desk at the office and it still works! :) )

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