#2 Making Candles

Workers making candles for sale in Rajasthan, India.

To get this shot I climbed up a fragile looking wooden ladder to reach the top of a building overlooking the group.
I then simply leaned over the side and shot straight down and was glad to have rugged footwear with a decent grip.

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Going Solo

I bought the Lonely Planet guide to Bhutan and Hidden Bhutan.
Have decided that I shall go in September to attend the Thimphu Tsechu (Festival) and spend 8 days out there.

After asking around a bit it seems that no one can make September except for me – so it’s going to be a solo adventure this time.

I have no idea how it’s going to turn out and I’m finding it quite exciting indeed!

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#1 Monkey See

Monkeys enjoying a hot spring during winter in Yudanaka, Japan.

I was given instructions to avoid looking straight at the monkeys in case they took it as a sign of aggression.
I decided to point the camera forward and pretend to look downwards, glancing up momentarily, to take this shot.

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Bhutan Trip

I’m planning a trip to Bhutan!
Details are still to be worked out and I need to get a plane ticket to Bangkok first.

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